Art Wars Cebu: Street Art on Canvas Competition

by RipeConcepts


Art Wars Cebu - Street Art on Canvas is an invitational art event organized by RipeConcepts. It is open to a select group of artists in Cebu and is designed to promote street art culture in Cebu, on a canvas.

This event’s theme is “Nature's Balance: Striving for Sustainability in a Technological Age”.

This theme explores the delicate balance between utilizing technology to drive progress and preserving the natural world that surrounds us. It examines the ways in which humanity can harness the power of technology to develop more sustainable practices, such as renewable energy and sustainable agriculture, without compromising the health and integrity of our ecosystem. It encourages a holistic and integrated approach to this balance, in which we consider the interdependence of the natural and technological systems and strive for a harmonious coexistence.

RipeConcepts is inviting teams of artists to participate from different establishments and organizations. Each team is composed of 3 artists working on a single 3 ft x 5 ft canvas. Each team will use their artistic ability to produce an original artwork based on the theme in street art style.